El Valle del Encinar

Residential complex of semi-detached and terraced chalets with the greatest quality and comfort, with private garden, terrace, three, four and five bedrooms with terraces in the attic and a semi-basement with a garage.

El Valle del Encinar. Building and garden
El Valle del Encinar. Building and garden
El Valle del Encinar. Terrace
El Valle del Encinar. Living room
El Valle del Encinar. Kitchen
El Valle del Encinar. Room with terrace
El Valle del Encinar.Garden
El Valle del Encinar. Gardens and swings
El Valle del Encinar. Pool
El Valle del Encinar. Gardens and pool

Available properties


Chalets for rental

  • Chalets of between 210 and 280m2.
  • 3, 4 and 5 bedroom chalets.
  • 3, 4 and 5 bathrooms.
  • Private garden.
  • Porch and terraces.
  • Attic.
  • 2, 3 or 4 space private garage.
  • Semi-basement with laundry/storage room.
  • Fully enclosed residential complex.
  • Large green gardened areas.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Communal swimming pools.
  • Social club.
  • Single access.
  • Constant 24 hour security and perimeter video cameras.

The best of the north area of Madrid

Just 7.5km from Plaza de Castilla, with access from the service road at km 12,300 of the A-1 motorway, El Encinar de los Reyes is found, where the El Valle del Encinar residential complex is located.


Calle San Enrique de Ossó, 321. El Encinar de los Reyes, Madrid.

Common zones

The El Valle del Encinar urban development has an entrance area, gardened areas, a communal building, swimming pool area and children’s play area.

Entrance area: The urban development is fully enclosed with a single pedestrian and vehicle access. Automatic vehicle door with remote control. Watchperson area with closet and toilet, heating and air conditioning, equipped with house alarm centralisation system and CCTV monitoring station.

Gardened areas: Lit gardened areas, with automatic watering, footpaths, benches and litter bins.

Common zones: Communal building with two multi-purpose rooms and a large exterior porch.

Swimming pool area: One adult swimming pool and one children’s swimming pool with toilets.

Children’s play area: Children’s play area with swings and benches.

Our developments

Chalets for Rent

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Chalets for Rent Developments: Las Retamas · Las Jaras · Los Brezos · Los Romeros.Black and white

Chalets for Rent

El Valle del Encinar

Chalets for rent. El Valle del Encinar. Black and white

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