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Grupo Inmobiliario El Encinar, the solidity of a large Group dedicated to Property Promotion for over fifty years.

Since its beginning, the Group has maintained clearly defined ideas and concepts, creating a style of homes of the highest quality and constructing quality of life.

The Group has a unique and exclusive range of homes for rental in El Encinar de los Reyes (Madrid), and for rental and sale on the island of Mallorca. It also has offices and commercial premises as rental properties.

In El Encinar de los Reyes there is a unique range of chalets for rental. These homes are located in residential complexes developed by the Group in recent years: El Valle del Encinar, Los Brezos, Las Retamas, Los Romeros and Las Jaras

Furthermore, the Group has property in the El Enicinar de los Reyes Shopping Centre. Its commercial premises for rental complete the range of property that the Group offers in this exclusive area.

On the island of Mallorca, a promotion of 154 luxury apartments has been developed, which are currently finished and available for rental and sale. In this area, magnificent villas of the highest quality have been commercialised in the Sol de Mallorca urban development. Furthermore, nautical storage is available for rental next to the seafront promenade and the Club de Mar de Palma.

Likewise, it has an office building for rental in calle Méndez Álvaro, at the centre of Madrid.

Grupo Inmobiliario El Encinar offers all guarantees of a Property Group. It has a human team of the highest professional level, who work to offer you a product with the highest guarantees. The experience of its finished works and the satisfaction of its clients endorse the Group’s commitment, seriousness and efficiency.

Our developments

Chalets for Rent

Developments: Las Retamas · Las Jaras · Los Brezos · Los Romeros

Chalets for Rent Developments: Las Retamas · Las Jaras · Los Brezos · Los Romeros.Black and white

Chalets for Rent

El Valle del Encinar

Chalets for rent. El Valle del Encinar. Black and white

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