La Rosaleda

Our unique 40 flat urban development in which you will be able to enjoy life in El Encinar at a great price.

La Rosaleda pisos. Pool and common zones
La Rosaleda flats. Living room
Room. La Rosaleda flats.
La Rosaleda flats. Room
La Rosaleda flats. Dinning room
La Rosaleda flats. Kitchen
La Rosaleda flats. Terrace
Pool. La Rosaleda flats.
Common zones. La Rosaleda flats
La Rosaleda flats.Common zones

Available properties


Flats and studios for rental

  • Enclosed, single access urban development.
  • Communal swimming pools.
  • Large gardened areas with games for children.
  • 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats.
  • Optional private garage (€65 per space).

Maintenance service:

Our own maintenance team, permanently present at “El Encinar”, made up of specialised individuals who will immediately resolve any incident which may arise in your home, so that all facilities are always in a perfect state of repair and so that you can enjoy them in the same conditions as on the first day.


El Encinar Grupo Inmobiliario. Camino del Cura, 233. El Encinar de los Reyes. 28109 Alcobendas (Madrid) Todos los derechos reservados, 2024

Common zones

The El Encinar de los Reyes urban developments have an entrance area, gardened areas, swimming pool area and children’s play area.

Entrance area: Each urban development is fully enclosed with a single pedestrian and vehicle access.

Gardened areas: Lit gardened areas which have a maintenance service, automatic watering, footpaths, benches and litter bins.

Common zones: Communal building with two multi-purpose rooms and a large exterior porch.

Swimming pool area: One swimming pool for adults and one for children with toilets.

Children’s play area: Children’s play area with swings and benches.

Our developments

Chalets for Rent

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Chalets for Rent Developments: Las Retamas · Las Jaras · Los Brezos · Los Romeros.Black and white

Chalets for Rent

El Valle del Encinar

Chalets for rent. El Valle del Encinar. Black and white

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